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Dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam, Assalamu Alaikum
Alhamdulillah in the past years(2009-2015) ACIC has been very successful in all projects and events, including the Ramadhan, Eid Celebrations, the Youth Programs, the Cemetery Projects,the Seerat-Un-Nabi Conferences.
Also based on our mutual respect, tolerance , religious, and moral obligations,we have respecfully promoted the Interfaith program and established good relationships with our neighbors, and other organizations at the Serra Mesa Community. ACIC has maintained security and helped needy people of Muslims and None-Muslims, in the community via cooperations/donations to the Hospitals, Law Enforcement offices, San Diego Food Bank, Orphans, Homeless individuals ...etc

In all events most people were on time, attendance was high, the speakers were excellent.
The Ramdhan and Eid were celebrated very good and by the help of Allah (SWT) ACIC Plan "Freedom From the Interest Loan", a 5 year interest-free loan, was widely accepted by the Afghan Community and paid off the $1m.bank loan entirely. Also about $500k Cemetry purchases were paid off, that created a valuble asset for the community. Many thanks to Allah (SWT)for the blessings and thanks to all supporters and donors.

The Seerah Conferences were jointly presented by  Masjid e' Tawheed (ACIC) and AAMO in 2009 and 2010. But in 2011 and 2012 the conferences were presented in conjunction with Mualim, the Afghan Islamic Centers organization in CA. The 2011 Seerah Conference was named "Milad-e-Noor", The 2012 Seerah Conference was named "Milad-e-Rahmat",one conference was held at North CA, Fremont and one at South, CA at San Diego, Also the Faith in Action in the Month of Taqwa was a successful Conference wit CAIR, another one was "Time, Education, & Citizenship" conference with AAMO and CAIR at the La Mesa Community Centert. Here are some examples:
Video-ACIC Accomplishments Video-Faith In Action Video-Milad Noor, Viedeo-Milad-e-Rahmat,

Islamic Information:
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