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The masjid is open all day long for five times prayer


1. Hold congregational prayers

2. Conduct marriage services

3. Provide Funeral support services

4. Hold Fast-breaking event and prayers during the month of Ramadan

5.Promote interfaith activities in community


ACIC will offer the following services during the month of Ramadhan.


We have invited 2-3 Haafez Al Qur'an for the tarawyh prayer.

We will also have the following programs


1. We will provide Islamic lectures in English, Arabic and Afghani language.

2. We will provide trawyh prayer starting at Isha

3. We will provide Qur'an recitation and memorization for beginning and advanced learners.

4. We will provide Quran memorization for young adults ages 7 and up.

5. We will provide Qur'an /Islamic contests in Ramadhan for men, women and children

6.We will invited scholars to come and participate.


Once again we want to do more, but everything requires money and we face a new obstacle and challenge. Inshallah people will read this and help us out with whatever they can to help keep the doors of this center open and gain the greatest reward from Allah (swt).

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