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Islam has always valued womanhood


Unfortunately some Muslim cultures have not. Muslim women can best be empowered by knowing their rights and establishing them in their homes and indeed the wider community.


Muslim women in the public arena are grossly under represented in the community. Structured facilities which cater for women are virtually non existent in the Islamic centers at present. The result is that many Muslim women are left isolated in their homes without any access to a culturally sensitive social provision in San Diego.


ACIC will provide just that, a place where the Muslim women of greater San Diego will be able to relax in the comfort of a modern setting. Our programs will educate them and empower them. Many programs such as IT, English, and parenting courses will offer them a chance to change. ACIC will be a focal point for community activities.


Sisters are encouraged to participate to build a better community


We really need your help and support to help make our community a better place to live in. Come in, join and share your ideas. There is a major demands for sister in our ACIC. For programs and future events please contact the center and we will inshallah gladly provide you information.

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