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Weclome to the Youth section.


Youth are our common future.  In the present climate we are losing our future. ACIC will offer our youth group a foundation of ethics, manners and morals with which can facilitate good characters and participatory citizenship.


ACIC takes this task very seriously and feels a major need for such programs.

We are currently working on establishing programs with Youths in mind and need community leaders, teachers, and professionals to come up with ideas, that are Islamic, educational, and entertaining. ACIC has practically supported our youths as hosted many youth educational programs, professional conferences, scholarships, and sports programs for our youths and our community in recent yers. We have encouraged our youths to join ACIC and take an active role, to lead the Jumah prayer (if qualified), to improve our community, making a difference in people life.


In establishment of this center, ACIC was mainly focused on todays Youth and future key holders of this community center. So wait no more, became a volunteer and join today. It pays to join. For further information and list of events please contact ACIC. 




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